Blue Slate Gin and limited edition Seasonal Gin

Authentically craft-distilled in Snowdonia, North Wales

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Our tiny mountainside distillery is nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig, looking out towards Snowdon. Inspired by the brutal beauty of this location, we only make gin using botanicals that thrive here. This palate of rich, local flavours and the purest water from our own mountain well sets our gin apart and roots it in the landscape.

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Exceptional gin, extraordinary flavours

Our Gin

Authentically artisan

Our signature Blue Slate Gin and Seasonal Gins are crafted using traditional methods on a truly micro scale. Fresh botanicals are picked from our mountainside garden and we source other ingredients locally whenever we can. Making gin in this way requires considerable time and skill, so you know you have something very special when you buy a bottle of gin from Dinorwig Distillery.

Dinorwig Distillery
Dinorwig Distillery
Dinorwig Distillery


Distilled in the mountains of Snowdonia

The Distillery

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