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Blue Slate Gin

We launched Dinorwig Distillery with Blue Slate Gin. Made in the London Dry way, it is a gin with an intense herbal hit that sets it apart from other gins you will find. On the palate, Blue Slate Gin is rich with spicy pine leading to an elderflower-citrus heart and a long oak and heather-honey finish.

To make this gin we spent many hours exploring the flavour profile of juniper and then painstakingly distilling other native botanicals. Eventually, we found the combination that we felt reflected the essential components of a great London Dry gin, while also also capturing some of the essence of the Dinorwig flora.

In making our signature spirit, we use juniper from Macedonia for its rich spicy notes; coriander seed from the UK for warm citrus tones; and dried angelica root from Poland for earthy undertones. We add seasoned Welsh oak bark from the Dinorwig woods and pick coriander seed, rosemary and bay leaves fresh from the garden; these botanicals are present in the aroma and throughout the sip. As lemons don’t grow well in the mountains, we needed to get creative to give our gin a tangy edge. We use coriander seed green from the garden to enhance the green herbal elements and locally sourced rhubarb to give an elderflower-citrus edge. Raw heather honey is sourced locally to soften the rhubarb and give a wild flower hint at the end of each sip. Finally, we draw fresh mountain water direct from our own well to distil and blend the gin to 42% ABV.

Although we have not been able to source all the ingredients locally in the quantity that we need, we established the principle: use nothing that cannot be harvested in North Wales.


Our Seasonal Gin is made in limited runs, featuring only blends of botanicals currently in season in North Wales. The inspiration for our Seasonal Gin comes from our mountainside garden and the woods surrounding the distillery; just as the landscape changes throughout the year, so do the expressions of this seasonal spirit. Limited and unique, each batch is truly special.

Check out our online shop for information about the latest Seasonal Gin from Dinorwig Distillery. Due to operating on a limited edition basis, Seasonal Gin may not always be available for sale – sign up to our newsletter to hear about up-coming releases.

Dinorwig Distillery

Our tiny mountainside distillery is nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig, looking out towards Snowdon. Inspired by the brutal beauty of this location, we only make gin using botanicals that thrive here. This palate of rich, local flavours and the purest water from our own mountain well sets our gin apart and roots it in the landscape.

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