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At Dinorwig Distillery, we craft our gin to our own unique recipes. Each tiny batch is started with a slow infusion of sustainably sourced botanicals in a quality British neutral grain spirit. While most gin makers use either pot distillation or vapour infusion, we use a combination of the two methods.

We use only the very heart of the distillation run. Each distillation produces enough gin for just 65 standard size bottles per batch. Our process is complex and lengthy, but we think it’s worth it to create gin with depth and layers of flavour that come through as you sip your drink.

Our gin is blended to drinking strength using pure mountain water; soft and sweet with perfect acidity levels. This water is filtered through slate and comes direct from our own well. Treated with care from start to finish, our gin is bottled, sealed and labelled on-site, by hand.

Dinorwig Distillery
Dinorwig Distillery
Dinorwig Distillery

Dinorwig Distillery

Our tiny mountainside distillery is nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig, looking out towards Snowdon. Inspired by the brutal beauty of this location, we only make gin using botanicals that thrive here. This palate of rich, local flavours and the purest water from our own mountain well sets our gin apart and roots it in the landscape.

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